MGA Technologies LLP, HQ is based in Portland, Oregon, and with office in Texas, USA, has a customer oriented and committed team to support our customers globally.   With our experience in IC applications, wireless communication solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Product Development, we could provide our customer with technical support and solutions. Currently, we represent products from Wavecom (communication modules), SST (Memory ICs), PPT(transformer), BCD (power module ICs), Rabbit (MCU and modulus), Omnivision (Sensor).


We leverage on the business infrastructure and pro-business policies and tax concession of Asia countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  It enables us to setup operating offices and logistic operations and provide support on electronics' solutions and help our customers to reduce their overall cost of development and production.  We committed in continuous improvement, develop the sales channel and strategic partnership to help our customers and partners to achieve their business objectives.  Currently, our presence outside USA are Singapore and Hong Kong where Singapore is our sourcing and sales administrations center and Hong Kong is our main warehouse.   We are planning to setup offices in Penang (Malaysia) and Thailand.


Our main focus is on IC component distribution and electronic products solutions, design and to help our customers to source for "hard-to-find" ICs and other electronic components.  We are committed to provide our customers with solutions of time-to-market commitments and localization services and support.  Also, to provide premium quality solutions and high performance to price ratio products.